Jacksonville Port Authority and
CSX Railroad Intermodal Facility
20" RCC Pavement Dual-Lift Construction
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Jacksonville Port Authority and CSX Intermodal Facility



Lowes Distribution Facility
Rome, GA
7" RCC Pavement
Mixing and Placing by Peltz Companies, Inc.


Paving our way to excellence

Peltz Construction is a second generation Roller Compacted Concrete Contractor as well as a third generation General Construction Contractor.  With a combined 100 years of experience in the Roller Compacted Concrete, and related fields, PELTZ has became the name in RCC.

Peltz Companies RCC - The Alternative Pavement


“The Alternative Pavement”

Roller Compacted Concrete is a mixture of cement, aggregates, and low water content mixed in a continuous mix pug mill.  Cost savings in using RCC are achieved from faster production rates, no reinforcing steel used, and reduced labor costs.  The end product is a compacted, durable, high strength concrete.  The use of RCC has continually gained market share since the initial paving projects in the mid 1980’s with the last ten years showing the most rapid advancement. Today, airports, distribution centers, and interstate highway shoulders are using the “Alternative Pavement” known as RCC.

“The Right Choice”

Time Lapse Video RCC Pavement Construction ©Peltz Companies, Inc.

Peltz Companies - History of The Name Peltz

History of The Name “Peltz”

Beginning in 1949, Lumir Peltz, started Peltz Construction as a local construction and remodeling contractor. Lumir and his wife Dorotha grew the business by buying and flipping houses.  In the early 1960’s the business had expanded into the commercial building arena and soon constructed a new office and shop facility in 1962.  Shortly thereafter Peltz won the bid to build the new Methodist Church in Alliance, Ne. This achievement still stands today as one of the most beautiful churches in the state. During the building of the Methodist church, Lumir unexpectedly passed away. He was 44 years old. Lumir’s wife Dorotha took over the business at this time. During the 1970’s, the Peltz sons, Ron, Terry, and Jim entered their parent’s construction company. In 1985, Peltz Co won a bid for their first Roller Compacted Concrete job in Denver, Co.  In 1989, Peltz Co became the exclusive Distributor for ABG, (now Volvo).  The corporate name was changed from Peltz Construction to Peltz Companies, Inc. in 1992.   In 2001, Ron Peltz left Peltz Co and formed AG Peltz Group LLC along with the principals of an Alabama concrete company.  Today the subsidiaries of Peltz Construction and Peltz Paving operate under the umbrella of Peltz Companies, Inc.  After completing many major RCC projects throughout the country, “Peltz” has become synonymous with  Roller Compacted Concrete.


Peltz Companies Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Since 1985, Peltz Co has successfully completed over one million cubic yards of RCC, cement treated base, soil cement, and permeable concrete for finish pavements and bases.  The owners and key personnel of Peltz Co have over 100 years of experience in RCC and other compacted pavements.   Production and efficiency are two important elements, as contractors, that we take very seriously. Peltz offers a range of RCC Consulting Services. As a specialty contractor, we take pride in seeing the RCC Industry grow. Contact us today to discuss your next project.

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