Peltz Companies - The Original RCC Contractors

“The Original RCC Contractors”

The philosophy of our construction company is “down to earth”. Simply stated it is to give each project, regardless of size, the thorough planning and attention to detail it deserves. By doing so each step of the project will be accomplished expertly, allowing the project to be completed as specified and within budget.

Our ultimate goal is to be able to take a “craftsman pride” in the finish product.  Peltz is synonymous with Roller Compacted Concrete and for good reason too.  Since 1986 Peltz has played an intricate part on many of the most high profile RCC projects in the US.

The Original Peltz’s have definitely pioneered the RCC industry in all facets including equipment use, quality control of material, as well as innovative operation techniques for the durable pavement.

Even today, the Original Roller Compacted Concrete Contractors, Peltz Co continues to pave their way to Excellence.